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Subject How I installed my turbo timer and BC.
Posted by DVDBURN (MD) on October 10, 2008 at 10:49 PM
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Message Since I had to make a new panel due to scratching my other one I took some pictures of how I installed my turbo timer and boost controller. The DIN pocket was to small to use as a housing to mount what I needed. By removing it you have a little more room to play with as far as width.

First I made a panel to go into the empty lower DIN. Without a housing there is nothing to hold the panel so I came up with this idea of how to hold the panel in place. Looking at the backside of the radio bezel and the lower DIN location you can see there are raised vertical areas on each side of the DIN hole.

The distance between these areas is 7 5/16" across. This is the width of the panel. The height of the panel is 5 5/16" and rides just above the lower part of the brace.

I went to home depot and bought a right angle aluminum strip which is 1/16 thick. This strip seems to only come in 8 foot lengths. They have a three foot strip but it's way to thick. In this picture you see a piece of the strip that I cut to go across the bottom of the panel to hold it in. The bottom strip is 7 5/8" long. The length is a little wider than the width of the area where it is to go so I put one end in first and then used a small screwdriver to pry the metal brace out while putting the other end in. This is to give a little more room on each side to drill holes and place screws without bothering the plastic area of the DIN. The top has enough clearance for the screws. The top strip is 7 3/4" long.

There are two little nivits that need removing to install the top strip. This is so the metal pieces can lay flat against each other. I did this using a dremel with a grinding stone.

Nivits removed.

With the strips and panel installed I marked the spots to drill holes. I marked both the strip and the metal brace. In this picture you see where I marked the brace on top after marking and removing the top strip. You have to mark all locations with the panel in place so you get the right height location.

For the bottom strip I carefully drilled the hole with everything in place. You need to be careful not to drill to deep or you may hit the plastic. There is not much room to work with here. For the upper strip I removed the metal brace and drilled the strip and brace separately.

Remove these four screws to remove the metal brace.

This is how it looks after the panel and strips are installed. In this picture I have already attached the turbo timer to the panel face using double sided adhesive.


I used small screws to match the approximate 1/16" holes that were drilled. The threaded lengths are around 1/16" in diameter and just under 1/4" long.

The front with both the turbo timer and boost controller installed.


When I first installed this setup I only used one strip at the bottom to hold the panel in. I had used zip tie squares to hold the top of the panel in. I didn't feel comfortable with that so this time I used a strip on both the top and bottom. In this picture of my first post you can see how the bottom strip blocks the blue backlight. I don't have a picture with the top strip installed yet but now it should look more uniform and have a smaller area of blue backlight around everything. I think it will look better this time. Anyway, this is how it was done and I hope everyone didn't mind me posting about it. As you know, when it comes to finding a location and how to mount things, our cars are not the most flexible to work with and still maintain something that looks good. Especially when you start adding more than a couple of things. Thanks for reading.

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