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Subject The ultimate kill switch.
Posted by DVDBURN (MD) on June 23, 2007 at 9:44 AM
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Message Disconnect the battery before doing anything. Remove the fuel pump, EGI, INJ fusible link fuse. This is one fusible link fuse. Remove the clear cover from the top of the fuse shell. Turn it around so you can look into the end which plugs into the fuse box. In this end you will see the two things which I have circled in the picture below. These are plastic springy fingers which are part of the shell and are used to hold the metal plugs inside. Use a small jeweler's screwdriver and while pushing the springy plastic finger toward the center use another small screwdriver to push the metal plugs out toward the other side. Move each side a little at a time until they are out. Get an extra fusible link fuse of the same type and disassemble it the same way. Be careful to leave the fusible link intact. This one will be used in the circuit which will be mounted inside the car.

With the first fusible link, cut out the center fuse. Solder a long length of ten gauge wire to one of the metal plugs so that it comes out of the top of the fuse shell when the metal plugs are reinstalled. Make sure the wire is long enough to reach where you plan on placing the relay, switches and second fusible link inside the car. Put both metal plugs back in the fuse shell making sure that the one which has the wire soldered to it is closest to the securing lever which is on the side of the fuse shell (see diagram). This is the pin which connects to the injectors and the fuel pump, ignition, and ECCS relays. The fuse cover is only marked fuel pump, EGI and INJ. Run the wire down along the side of the fuse box and reinstall the fuse box cover. Run the wire to the inside of the car's cabin.

With the second fusible link, solder one length of ten gauge wire to both plugs. Solder them close to the plug end of the metal. After doing so, push the metal plugs back into the fuse shell being careful not to damage the fusible link. This time feed the wires through the fuse shell so they come out of the plug end and not the top. Replace the clear cover. This will serve to function as the original fusible link did. Use the diagram to connect everything up and mount things where you feel is best.

The bypass switch is used to keep the ECU from resetting in case you need to check for engine codes. If you do not have a turbo timer this switch can also be used as an engine kill switch as well as disabling the constant injector voltage. This circuit can be used in all year vehicles.

Fusible link, plug end.

A drawing showing the electrical path of the voltage going from the fusible link to the fuel injectors and the fuel pump, ignition and ECCS relays.

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