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Posted by DVDBURN (MD) on September 28, 2008 at 4:39 AM
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Message Been going at it all night. Got things pretty much together. A little look at the gauge cluster.

Glove box before install. I will be placing a dark glove box insert trimmed to fit around everything (like the ones I had been selling a couple of years ago).

Not much to it. Pretty simple.

EGT gauge connections.

This is the plug to power the passenger power seat (located under the seat). No need to splice or cut because the terminals inside the plug mate with standard disconnects.

Here is the disconnect cable.

I started to go ahead and swap the upper backrest of my passenger seat with the JDM powered one but decided to put that idea on hold. Reason is, like our driver seat, there is only one knob on the JDM driver seat. Swapping my seat skin would mean there would be nothing to hold the second knob as the JDM seat lever has been cut away about an inch or more (circled in yellow). Everything is there and functional, just the metal to hold the knob is to short and everything that makes up the assembly is held together with very heavy duty rivets so there is no pratical way to swap things from the USA seat.

And this is how things are looking behind the radio bezzel. Basically, the multi-colored wires on the right mate with the multi-colored wires on the left. The cable in the middle with the blue/white pig tail (amp remote wire) plugs into the back of the stearo. The heavy gray wire on the right goes to the passenger power seat. The heavy gray wire on the left goes to the NOS bottle solendoid. The wires inside the black wire loom next to that are gauge light wires. In this picture the wires are hanging out so I can work with them. Everything is being connected together with insulated terminal blocks and disconnects.

Thats about it for now.

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